For many homeowners, the basement is one of the most useful storage spaces in your home. However, before you realize it, a basement can become so packed with stuff that it becomes nearly unusable. Whether this has already happened to you, or whether you’re trying to be proactive, here are some tips for organizing your basement.

Get rid of extra stuff

This is probably the most important tip for keeping your basement, as well as any other space in your home, tidy and clean. If you’re taking on the project of organizing your basement, you’ll have to haul and reorder your stuff no matter what, so why not use that time to make certain that you’re not holding on to anything you don’t have a deep desire to keep? If you have a friend who’s willing to hang out with you while you clean, he or she can often push you into tossing what needs to be tossed.

Make a plan

Once your excess stuff has been thrown out, given away, or sold, the next step should be to map out your basement. “There are three types of basement zones,” writes Home Storage Solutions 101, “utility, storage, and living area zones.” Utility zones include those spaces where your house’s most essential equipment is, including your water heater, circuit breaker, furnace, and so on. Storage zones, as the name suggests, are zones primarily intended to be used as storage, and living area zones are relevant if you also want your basement to be a place where you or your family will want to spend time.

Maximize your storage

There are so many great storage options available nowadays. Make sure that the storage structures you choose are sturdy enough to support what you’re trying to store on them, especially if you’re anticipating using the storage long-term., an interior design website, recommends cubbies as a highly versatile, easy-to-build storage structure. As Jillian Hack of Peregrine Design Build writes, “Cubbies are easy to build and can be self-standing to rearrange as storage needs change.” Additionally, Houzz suggests that you “get clever with wall storage.” While most people think first of wall shelving – which can indeed save a ton of space – there are a great deal of other options available, too. Hack recommends “wire racks, magnetic systems for tools and a pegboard for sewing essentials,” among many other possibilities.

With regular care and good planning, a well-cleaned basement can be more than just a storage space: it can be a fully-fledged area in your home. While keeping your basement clean under normal circumstances is pretty straightforward, bigger problems, such as flood damage or damage from hoarding, may require professional assistance. If you’re in Utah and you need serious cleaning done, why not contact All Pro Services today? With 24/7 emergency service, representatives are standing by, and we’re ready to help you get out of whatever mess you find your home in. Don’t wait – contact us today!


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