Hoarding Affects Millions of Americans a Year

Hoarding is an issue that isn’t commonly discussed, but well understood at All Pro Services. Compulsive hoarding affects millions of Americans each year. What is compulsive hoard? Hoarding is a disorder that may be present on its own or as a symptom of another disorder, in which a person demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to discard large amounts of items from home or other personal space.

This behavior impacts people around the world, affects their families and loved ones, and often gets worse before it gets better. Over time, the problem often becomes worse and more items amass within a person’s dwelling. Hoarding can be difficult to comprehend; however it is listed in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual as a mental illness that affects upwards of 2%-5% of adults. Hoarding tendencies often develop during childhood and become more severe over time, as the illness and obsessive desire to collect things becomes more compelling over time.

Hoarding goes beyond affecting those who have the behavior. The compulsion to collect items and resist discarding used belongings can also impact family and friends. Often times, hoarding is overlooked and dismissed until the problem is too big to ignore any longer. Hoarders can amass a significant amount of property over time; making cleanup difficult and time consuming, without the proper help.

Calling in professionals is always the best tactic. Effectively dealing with, organizing, cleaning, and discarding collections of property can be labor intensive and time consuming. All Pro Services specializes in hoarding and hauling. We can help you or your loved one effectively deal with properties that involve hoarding. Our team of friendly experts have years of experience working with homes and even businesses impacted by hoarding. It’s important to bring the right experience along with the manpower in order to best deal with hoarding in a property.

Below are some before and after pictures of a home we recently worked with that involved hoarding. It’s impressive how quickly our team was able to remove the unnecessary items, organize the property, and professionally clean the entire space. All Pro Services deserves a big thumbs up for this job and the many others they’ve done just like it.

Hoarding Before & After Pictures

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