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Indoor air is 2 to 3 times more contaminated than outdoor air, making air duct cleaning one of the best ways you can improve your respiratory health. Today, homes are airtight and energy efficient. This causes pollutants to get trapped inside the HVAC system. Every day dust mites, feces, pollen, hair, dead skin cells, food, and bacteria accumulate in your HVAC system and vents. Every time you run your heater or air conditioner, you inhale debris that can contribute to allergies and illness. This is why air duct cleaning is so important for your HVAC system.

If you are experiencing eye irritation, itchy skin, runny nose, coughing, dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches or respirator problems, you could benefit from having your air ducts cleaned. Call one of the state’s leading Air Duct Cleaning Specialists, All Pro Services.

Benefits of air duct cleaning:

  • Increase energy efficiency and cut energy costs by 10-20% per year
  • Decrease dust build-up in your home
  • Reduce allergy symptoms

NADCA Air Duct Cleaning System

We use the latest technology preferred by the NDAC to clean air ducts. This powerful Turbojet system creates 5,000 CFM negative airflow to handle both residential and commercial HVAC systems. The HEPA filters filter out any dust from reentering your home and trap all the unwanted particles for safe removal.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Machines

  • Stand-alone industrial system attaches directly to the furnace or vent
  • All ducting and vents are sealed creating a powerful negative air flow
  • A motor-driven whip sweeps each vent and pushes the debris toward the system
  • System is designed to vacuum the entire length of the vent and trunk line.

Utah currently holds the dubious honor of the worst air pollution in the country. Getting your air ducts cleaned is a small step you can do that yields big results. Most people spend most of their time indoors. Breathing better indoor air can help your health and heating/cooling expenses year around.