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Carpet, rugs, pet stains, odors, leather, tile & grout, and air duct cleaning: certified.

Our professionally trained and local technicians are dedicated to giving you quality service and satisfaction. We make sure your cleaning is done efficiently and properly.

We get it. Keeping your carpets clean takes a lot of work and getting stains out by yourself isn’t easy. With a proactive approach to your carpets, you can maintain cleaner carpets throughout the year. Requesting your house guests to remove their shoes cuts down on the majority of dirt and grime and routinely vacuuming will remove dirt and many allergens from the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a lengthy endeavor. Implement these carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpets in tip top shape and extend the longevity of the flooring in your home.

Our 5-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Truck steam extraction and 5-step cleaning process achieves maximum cleaning results. Under warranty, carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning and carpet protectant to prolong the life of your carpet.

1) Pre-Inspection 

Client satisfaction relies on good communication.

  • Walk through determines areas to clean
  • Pre-existing damage is discussed prior to cleaning
  • Cleaning challenges are identified
  • Client expectations are established
  • Quote confirmed prior to cleaning

2) Fiber Identification

A fiber test will help the technician choose the proper cleaning chemicals and method.

3) Pre-Treatment

Pre-treatment is necessary to break down the oil binding dirt to the fibers.

  • Stains are pre-treated with appropriate chemicals
  • Chemicals emulsify soil and oxidize oil
  • Conditioner leaves carpet fibers feeling soft

4) Agitation

Agitation is essential to obtain exceptional cleaning results.

  • Carpet rake and brush loosen soil, oil, and resin
  • Rotary machine friction removes dirt and grease from difficult traffic lanes

5) Extraction

Truck mounted steam extraction is recommended by carpet manufacturers. The combination of heat, extraction, agitation & chemical (“HEAT”) brings maximum results.