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Call in the pros

We take pride in offering our community a service as important as professional fire mitigation, cleanup and restoration.

At the core of our culture is our desire and commitment to be a contribution for our community and to serve when disaster strikes.

We continuously train our technicians on how to best serve you when you experience fire damage. We use state of the art equipment and personal protective equipment to ensure everyone working and living in the property, and our technicians, are provided with the most effective and safe fire mitigation and cleanup process possible.

All Pro Services — when disaster strikes, Call in the Pros. We’re here for you.

Licensed & Insured Fire Remediation Experts

Few experiences in life are more emotionally shocking to a family or organization as suffering the damaging effects of a fire. Fire damage mitigation and cleanup has been one of our specialties since 2002.

We’re on call 24-7/365 and use state of the art equipment to ensure your property is cleaned and restored effectively and quickly.

We have all necessary licenses and insurance to successfully mitigate and cleanup your fire damage.

We’re Here for You

To successfully and thoroughly mitigate fire damage takes a lot more than just knowing how to repair the damage fire creates. You need to have the knowledge and experience to professionally address the smoke, ash, and soot that finds its way throughout a property once it’s impacted by fire.

The majority of general contractors don’t specialize in the type of restoration fully recovering from a fire requires. We know what it takes to make sure both the appearance of, and the environment in, your home is effectively cleaned and restored to its original condition.

The mitigation of your fire damage is actively monitored and managed by a highly experienced Project Manager and your service is provided by trained and certified Fire Mitigation Technicians.

Our Project Managers and Fire Mitigation Technicians engage in an ongoing professional development training program that includes participation in industry leading fire damage mitigation training and certification courses.

If your property has been impacted by fire, call in the pros at All Pro Services. We’re here for you.

Free Fire Damage Inspection

We offer free fire damage inspections. We respond quickly to determine the best way to support you in fully recovering from the damaging effects of a fire.

Our Fire Damage Mitigation & Restoration Process

We work to remove all traces of fire damage as well as the smoke, soot, and ash that will affect areas of your home not directly impacted by the fire.

All Pro Services is a full-service disaster mitigation company, so we’re fully prepared to clean up the damage caused by a fire, including any resulting water damage that may occur from the process of putting out the fire. We can detect unseen water pockets in your property to assist in preventing mold and bacteria from forming as well.

Our technicians specialize in removing all traces of fire damage from your walls, appliances, carpets, fixtures and your air duct system.

Our extensive fire mitigation process ensures there’s no trace of smoke or ash which can cause an unpleasant smell, and in extreme cases, respiratory health concerns.

Smoke, soot and ash are cleaned and removed from every crevice and hard surface, from ceiling to floor. Wall coverings, blinds, draperies are properly cleaned or removed. The interior and exterior of your appliances are cleaned. Detail cleaning is performed on light fixtures and outlets. We conduct a NADCA approved air duct cleaning of your entire HVAC system, including the replacement of filters and the deodorization of your interior ducting. All of this is included in our full fire mitigation and cleanup service.

Our highly experienced restoration team is prepared to come in after your property is thoroughly cleaned and fully restore it. Our professional restoration experts take pride in making it look like the fire never happened.

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