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Meet Our Team

Roger Rasmussen – CEO

I guide the company’s vision and manage company resources to create a fantastic workplace and happy customers.

I contribute perspective using creativity, fairness, and forgiveness to inspire a place of hope and balance. 

I enjoy reading, sci-fi, exploring history, and moments of peace.

Kristen Rasmussen-North – VP Sales & Marketing – 2016

Fulfilling relationships that support the company; supporting referring partnerships, clients, vendors, and our employees.

I contribute support by being kind, brave and zestful, manifesting growth through awareness of excellence.

I love spending time with my family and 2 puppies Bo and Coco, watching sports, traveling, eating at yummy places, Pilates and mountain biking.

Alanna Fletcher – General Manager – 2016

Overseeing daily operations, with client experience and company goals in mind.

I contribute empathetic leadership allowing space for my tribe, creating awareness, and cultivating gratitude.

I enjoy love, laughter, music, meditating, sunrises with grounding earth, and sunsets welcoming the moon.

Makayla Adams – Client Relations Specialist – 2018

Establishing new clients, maintaining partnerships, educating our community, and coaching our internal culture.

I contribute passionate awareness, honesty and fairness sparked by curiosity and delivered with kindness. 

I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, dancing, reading and yoga.

Rayven Cann – Operations Specialist – 2019

Supporting operations by managing special projects, bringing functionality to the workflow, and assisting our Leadership.

I contribute structural support through perspective, love, and leadership; my perseverance inspires creative growth.

I enjoy writing and reading novels.

Zak Christensen – Operations Manager – 2003

Overseeing our Mitigation and Restoration departments to ensure quality services are provided to our clients.

I contribute skilled performance by using fair judgement allowing forgiveness to enhance growth. 

I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, fishing and just being outdoors.

John Twomey – Mitigation Manager – 2018

Managing the first response mitigation and cleaning technicians, maintaining vehicles and equipment, with safety and standards in line.

I contribute intuitive communication through humble guidance while offering humor and giving respect to those who I work with and customers I serve. 

I enjoy learning about History, astonished by the smallest things that have impacted life, one person can change the world with an idea or a belief.

Billy Townsend – Project Manager – 2005

Estimates mitigation and repair projects, supporting client needs, lining out service technicians, and communicating with all parties to provide exceptional service.

I contribute understanding, considering decisions, remaining neutral while transmitting humor through change.

I enjoy spending time with my family and strive to be the best dad I can be.

Shelly Faust – Janitorial Director – 2005

Overseeing janitorial sales and operations, with quality service in mind.

I contribute perspective utilizing my experience to bravely deliver with honesty & humor.

I enjoy gardening, reading, my dogs, and gourmet meals prepared by my husband Jason.

Fabiola Mendoza – Janitorial Manager – 1996

Managing our janitorial team and projects to ensure we provide excellent service to our clients.

I contribute perseverance utilizing fairness and creativity to encourage self-regulation and a love of learning within my team. 

I enjoy spending time with my four boys, good food, dancing, and being outdoors.