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Are you a victim of a disaster or other catastrophe? Whether it’s water damage, fire damage, sewage damage, or mold damage; our disaster cleanup experts work fast to remove the damage and restore your home or business to its former beauty. All Pro leverages almost twenty years of industry experience, trained and skilled staff, our industry’s best-practices, and advanced disaster cleanup processes that make projects move more efficiently. We always offer free disaster cleanup estimates.
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One of the Top Disaster Restoration Contractor’s in the State.

Many other companies work hard to do what we do. And we still continue to have one of the state’s fastest emergency response times. Natural disasters are a traumatic experience for every one effected. During a disaster; your sole focus goes to saving your self, your loved ones and your precious belongings. What is the first step after the catastrophe? The Red Cross offers a great resource about getting your life back on track after the fact. Those agencies and organizations help you replace vital documents such as various identifications and financial contracts. When it’s time to start rebuilding and restoring your home, call us and we will work with your insurance company to restore your property and make your home beautiful once again!

Water damage in our state is all too frequent. With our snow runoff, cold winters that burst water pipes, and floods; water damage can happen at any time. We have strong, truck-mounted water removal machines to remove the water from the damaged areas, use special equipment to accelerate the drying process, and equipment to reduce humidity. We maintain a large inventory of drying equipment to dry inside walls, cabinets, floors, and carpet quickly and efficiently. Our disaster cleaning technicians bring moisture detection tools which detect hidden pockets of water behind walls and cabinets. Our highly-trained Water Damage Technicians will arrive to assess the damage to your property and prepare a Free Estimate.

Sewage damage is often the result of backed up pipes, broken sewage mains, or exploding toilets. No matter what the cause may be, always call in the professionals at All Pro Services. Sewage is toxic to your health and risky to clean up. It is biologically hazardous as it contains bacteria and contaminants known to cause severe illness. Let All Pro Services clean up the mess. Our team will show up quickly and professionally in order to extract the sewage and begin the cleanup process. We have the hazmat suits, equipment, (and the stomach) to extract sewage and clean your home or business. Let us help you bring your property back to beautiful.

When fire damage strikes your home, quick actions and fast emergency response time is the best way to get peace of mind. All Pro Services fire damage technicians provide quick, fair estimates of the fire damaged property. All Pro Services restoration crews work fast to remove any trace of fire and smoke damage. From the ceiling to the floor, we will work to remove any soot or ash from every crevice in your home. All Pro Services experienced technicians repair and restore your property back to beautiful and do it quickly.

The presence of mold in a property after a flood or water damage is quite common. Whether you see obvious signs of mold or not, getting a mold test done is recommended. Mold grows in damp, cool places. The presence of mold can be visible and often times remains unknown. Mold tests are simple, effective, and necessary after water damage to a property occurs. This is because mold is toxic to your health. Mold grows and spreads rapidly. It feeds off of moisture and uses a host such as drywall or other material in order to form. Mold testing is done via material sampling and air sampling. Mold grows and transfers through the air in the form of spores. Mold spores enter the lungs and can cause illness. Mold also spreads rapidly throughout the property as these spores grow and become air born. Our technicians are highly trained in mold testing and removal. A few samples are taken from the affected property and sent to a third party lab. If the lab results indicate the presence of mold, remediation is required. Our teams are highly trained and experienced in mold remediation. When remediation is required, All Pro Services is licensed and insured to tackle the job. We’ll tear out and replace any affected materials. All mold affected materials are removed and replaced while refinishing the home back to its original appearance.

Asbestos is a common building material which was widely used in the past. Once hailed as an excellent material containing many desirable properties for building with; it has since been widely banned in manufacturing and uses due to asbestos being a known carcinogen. Buildings today still contain asbestos due to being built prior to heavy restriction on the material. It is still used in very limited applications, but is restricted worldwide due to the dangers it presents to human life. Asbestos is dangerous to your health. If you believe your home or business contains asbestos, call All Pro Services for an assessment. Our technicians are experienced and certified in the testing and removal of asbestos. Asbestos abatement is a dangerous and complicated process. Only licensed and experienced professionals like All Pro Services should handle the removal of asbestos from a property.

When you need help cleaning up after a disaster, call All Pro Services. All Pro Services restoration team handles the rest. We work with your insurance company to make the process smooth and efficient. All Pro Services provides you with a one-stop contractor that serves both cleanup and restoration phases of the remediation project. We’ve been cleaning and restoring disaster-stricken homes for almost twenty years. We know the industry and bring the experience, equipment, and technicians required to complete the job efficiently.

We’ve been in the industry long enough to know the business. Many other companies work hard to do what we do, but we still lead the state with the fastest emergency response times and our reviews speak volumes about the work we do. You won’t be jerked around or made to wait when you call All Pro Services. All Pro Services continues to have one of the fastest disaster response times since we started doing floods in 2002. With more than three decades of service under our belt, we are also the most experienced disaster professionals. We’ve seen and done it all. Our competitors work hard to be the best; but All Pro Services succeeds in bringing the most value, quality of service and expertise to the table. No one compares to All Pro Services. Our top-notch talent and years of expertise have forged the way for All Pro Services to be the most preferred damage cleanup and restoration business in the state.


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