Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos abatement is dangerous and should only be done by licensed, insured, professionals. All Pro Services has been serving Utah residents since 1987. All Pro will work with you to schedule the process and manage your abatement project from start to finish. Our professionals are certified to do the work. Safety, efficiency, & quality are top priorities for our staff. The process for abatement begins after a positive test result. Our team will arrive at your property at the scheduled time and the process will begin. Below explains the abatement process and safety precautions exercised in order to keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe.

Asbestos Abatement Site Setup

  • All Pro Services will arrive on site and establish a regulated work area.
  • Installation of engineering control systems/safety systems begins. (A negative pressure environment and containment perimeter will be established)
  • Our team will disable electrical and HVAC controls within the work area.
  • Installation of lights, containment areas, negative pressure systems, and other requirements will be completed to ensure a safe and industry compliant environment.
  • A decontamination enclosure system will be erected.
  • Penetrations & openings will be sealed.
  • Pre-cleaning is then completed and the proper HEPA filtration systems are turned on.
  • Movable objects will be temporarily relocated before abatement.
  • Non-movable objects will be sealed and taped off with plastic.
  • Asbestos notification and warning signs will be placed at all openings and entrances.

A pre-abatement visual inspection will be completed by the project manager. Once the containment perimeter is established, all team members will don abatement suits, respirators, gloves, masks, goggles, and boots.

Asbestos Abatement Process

  • Wet removal methods may be utilized.
  • Abatement occurs from a top down fashion.
  • Asbestos containing materials will be placed in specially designated HAZMAT containers or bags.
  • All materials will be removed from each work area and waste will be double bagged, duct taped shut, and put in a waste decontamination unit.
  • Non-Friable asbestos will be sealed to prevent airborne exposure via disturbed particulates.
  • Friable asbestos will be removed completely, followed by complete cleaning and air decontamination of the site.

Post Asbestos Abatement

  • The project manager or contractor inspects the site to ensure that all ACM and debris is removed.
  • A first cleaning is completed. All surfaces and work areas are wet wiped.
  • Lockdown encapsulate is then applied to all surfaces.
  • The sealant requires 2-12 hours (depending on environment) to dry.
  • First layer of poly is then removed.
  • Second cleaning is completed using HEPA vacuums and wet wiping of all surfaces.
  • Removal of second layer of poly (critical barriers) is completed.
  • Negative pressurization continues.
  • A third cleaning and HEPA vacuuming is completed.
  • Abatement contractor or project manager is then responsible for completing inspection of the work site.
  • Clearance air sampling is completed to ensure the work site is completely free of ACM.

Once the project manager or contractor has inspected the work and air quality tests come back clear, All Pro Services begins removal of negative air machines, poly barriers, decontamination spaces, filtration systems and other equipment.

Asbestos Precautions

All Pro Services follows all governmental and environmental regulations and guidelines. Inside and outside air monitoring is done to prevent outside air contamination. Our team performs safety checks before, during, and after work in order to ensure barriers and negative pressure zones are in good condition. We also keep full project records including:

  • Daily Log & Sign In Sheets
  • Copies of Worker Certifications
  • Copy of Supervisor Project Log
  • Copies of Air & Bulk Sample Tests
  • Waste Manifest Tickets
  • Records of any Incidents

Asbestos Abatement Professionals since 1987. Call All Pro Services at (801) 748-4020 today to schedule a free damage assessment.


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