Crime Scene Cleanup

All Pro Services is the state’s leading and most trusted cleaning response team for crime scene cleanup. Training is provided to prevent blood borne pathogen exposure. We follow a written hazard communication plan to comply with OSHA regulations including MSDS labeling, PPE training, respirator fit testing, proper containment and disposal procedures. Our teams are experts and outfitted with the right training, equipment, and experience to do the job quickly. Such jobs are of a sensitive nature, and it’s our desire to get the scene back to normal as soon as possible.

Contents are Saved During Trauma Scene Cleanup

Salvageable contents are treated delicately and respectfully throughout the cleaning process. Sentimental and valuable contents are identified, inventoried and signed off by customer. Thorough pictures are taken of all damaged contents to assist with filing insurance claim and determining replacement value. Contents are stored in safe place and properly labeled until restoration is complete. Compassionate service providers like All Pro Services are mindful as well as skilled professionals.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning up after a crime scene can be traumatizing on occupants. Our technicians respond and work quickly and discreetly to minimize psychological effects. Scope of work is determined and photographs are taken to document damage to property and contents.

A clean staging area is established to house tools, PPE and perform content cleaning. Walls are washed from top to bottom, left to right. HEPA vacuum removes dried blood flakes and prevents it from becoming airborne. Enzyme chemicals are used to breakdown and dissolve blood stains. Disinfectant is applied to affected hard surfaces and left to dwell for ten minutes to kill bacteria. Our team works diligently to bring your property back to normal.

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