Hoarding Cleanup

Accumulation of stuff becomes a problem for everyone. Clutter can consume our life and create nothing but chaos and confusion. Many people don’t realize that our external environment is a good indication of our internal environment. However, cleaning up our external environment simultaneously cleans up our internal environment. We take the pain out of the process, so you can let go and live! All Pro Services provides full service hoarding cleanup.


Quick decisions have to be made about what to keep and what to discard. We help sort through the stuff by establishing and following guidelines. Homeowner makes a list of things that are easy to discard and things that are more difficult to discard. Fears of discarding are discussed and a safety protocol is established on how to deal with difficult decisions. A process of weighing pros and cons us used for undecided items. A staging area is used to gather, categorize and label contents into piles. Hoarding cleanup projects are executed with utmost attention to detail and organization.

Recycling & Donation

The number one reason given for not throwing things away has always been “this could be used for something later.” Knowing that items can be reused or recycled takes away the fear of wasting and yields a sense of relief. Newspapers, magazines, paper products, cardboard, metal, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, computers, and glass containers can be recycled. Clothing and textiles are set aside to be donated or sold. Any effort to conserve our planet provides us with a sense of purpose and donations bring us back into balance with our humanitarian nature. No belongings are discarded from hoarding cleanup projects without first consulting with the owner.



One man’s trash can be another’s treasure because everyone discerns value differently. Sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason as to why we want to keep something, so anything that has potential value to homeowner is set aside for further investigation. Items are assessed by considering

financial worth, visual appeal, functionality, and pride of ownership. There can be an emotional reward or sense of personal satisfaction attained from owning something. Hoarding cleanup can help individuals organize their valuables and inventory assets thought to be gone long ago.


We provide an inventory of disposal items listed by general description or category. Hoarding cleanup projects are carefully exectued so that before anything is disposed, the homeowner reviews the disposal inventory list and gives written consent. Depending on the volume of trash, a dumpster dropped on location may be the more cost effective than paying hauling fees. All items are properly disposed, including bio-hazardous substances, to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Deep Cleaning

Once the clutter has been cleared, the property is ready to be cleaned. From ceiling to floor, affected areas are disinfected and detail cleaned. We provides a thorough list of janitorial cleaning services, including wall washing, kitchen and restroom cleaning, high detail dusting, carpet and upholstery cleaning, textile and content cleaning, tile and grout steam cleaning, air duct cleaning, and floor refinishing.

Check out our blog post about a recent hoarding job we did! All Pro’s team did a great job and more pictures are to come. Check out our before & after photos.


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