Sewage Cleanup

Technicians are trained to recognize whether contamination may be present, and clean according to industry standards.  Our team is highly trained in handling sewage cleanup jobs.  We flush contaminated areas with steam heated above 200° and spray an antimicrobial agent to reduce odors, kill microorganisms, and prevent mold from growing. Children, elderly people, and others with weak immune systems or respiratory problems can get sick from strong chemicals such as antimicrobial agents. To be safe, leave the area for two hours after cleaning. Depending on the water source, the water may be contaminated with the following:

  • Surfactants from dishwashers, washing machines, aquariums, or water beds
  • Pesticides, heavy metals, or toxic substances from rusty pipes, groundwater, rivers, streams or seepage due to hydrostatic pressure
  • Pathogenic or disease-causing agents from sewage drain or toilet back-flows which may cause Hepatitis A or B, E. coli, or tapeworm

Keep you and your loved ones safe by calling All Pro Services today.  Our company is certified, licensed, and insured to handle delicate (and messy) situations like these.  We keep you safe and get your property back to normal fast.  Contact us to get a phone call from one of our specialized technicians.

All Pro Services is Specially Trained in Sewage Cleanup

It’s probably no secret that sewage is dangerous to your health.  Without the proper training, equipment, and experience; the risk of contamination or getting ill is more probably.  This is why our sewage cleanup teams are highly trained, certified, and dependable when dealing with this type of disaster.

Access to high power extraction units, hazmat gear, steam sprayers, the right chemicals, and training allows our teams to work efficiently with these types of service calls.  Often times, your plumber will refer you to us because your plumber knows that we are especially fit at dealing with the initial cleanup of these types of situations.

Don’t risk doing it yourself, or asking your plumber to deal with the mess.  We’ll work with your insurance company to help with your claim, safely complete the work, and you’ll be so much happier in the end.  The Center for Disease Control explains the risks of standing water and sewage in this article.

Sewage Cleanup Process

Every service call is different, so be sure to schedule a free damage quote.  The general process is explained below:

  • Damage Assessment: Triage the situation and gain an understanding of its risks.
  • Site Prep:  Contain the situation.  Isolate the contamination.
  • Extraction: Remove the excess water from the environment.
  • Repair: Fix the issue which caused the sewage problem.
  • De-Contaminate: We use powerful chemicals such as anti-microbial, anti-viral, deodorizing, & cleaning agents to restore your property to a healthy and clean state.
  • Post-Assessment: Often times sewage and water damage ruin the property.  Our restoration division takes over and completes any repairs needed.

Call All Pro Services today and get the job done right.  (801) 748-4020

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