Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning time is here, along with the great weather and warm sunshine.  Winter weather, head colds, and frozen pipes are now things of the past. With spring now sprung, many turn to cleaning out the home and preparing for a beautiful summer.  You will find some useful, neat, spring time cleaning tips and tricks.

Forget dangerous chemicals, cleaning windows can be easier for you (and your health) than you might think.  Water with a little vinegar can go a long way to clean glass.  Use a microfiber towel, and your windows will be streak free and clean in no time.

Disinfecting your sink and garbage disposal is a breeze.  Take a half cup of baking soda and mix it with a half cup of vinegar.  Then pour the solution down your disposal, rinse with water, and run.  The odors which once haunted your kitchen will be gone, and you won’t harm the environment using food grade cleaning products to clean and disinfect.

Combat red wine stains in carpet with white wine!  Yes, we said that correctly.  You can leave the caustic chemicals in the closet this time and grab more wine, white wine. Just pour a small amount of white wine on top of the red wine, apply some baking soda to the spot.  Let it sit until a paste forms.  Then scrub and wipe the area until clean.

There are a lot of products on the market that address hard water stains on glassware and other household items.  You can remove calcium carbonate evaporates from glass using natural acid, as well.  Instead of grabbing the CLR, try mixing one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water.  Then soak your glassware in the solution.  The acid from the vinegar will remove the stains and leave your glassware sparkly, the natural way.

Have you ever tried to remove spilled candle wax from carpet?  It’s almost impossible, right? Not with this trick.  Just take a clothing iron on low heat and some thicker paper to the mess.  The iron heats up the wax and the paper grabs it.  Simple, right? It’s not a perfect solution, but sure beats picking the wax out of the carpet fibers with a comb or pick.

Throwing things out during spring cleanup can be overwhelming, but using a simple strategy to manage the project can make things easier.  When faced with spring cleanup, de-cluttering a home, or organizing large spaces; break the jobs down by room, or even by corner.  Take note of the bigger picture, but start with a room or corner, first.  Break the project down into activities, or steps in the process.  Focus on each step, and only that one space, until the job is done.  Then move onto the next part.  This keeps your frustrations down, and gets the job done more effectively.

More water fall means more floods, right?  Not always, and here is how to reduce your odds.  It takes a little effort (or a neighbor to help), but doing this one thing can make a big difference for your home in the rainy season.  Remove debris and dirt from your home’s rain gutters so that water is deflected away from the foundation of your house.  Remember to use rain troughs if necessary, and direct the runoff water downhill from your property.

As always, consult your professional disaster cleaning experts at All Pro Services with any questions.  Never attempt any cleaning or repairs which may pose risk or harm to your safety, as certain disasters can be dangerous.  Our friendly staff of “all pro” experts is here to help you 24/7.  (801) 748-4020

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