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Call in the Pros

We take pride in offering our community a service as important as professional water damage mitigation, cleanup and restoration.

At the core of our culture is our desire and commitment to be a contribution for our community and to serve when disaster strikes.

We continuously train our technicians on how to best serve you when you experience water damage. We use state of the art equipment and personal protective equipment to ensure everyone working and living in the property, and our technicians, are provided with the most effective and safe water mitigation process possible.

All Pro Services — when disaster strikes, we’re here for you.

On Call Licensed & Insured Water Mitigation Experts

We’ve provided professional water mitigation and cleanup services for our community for over 20 years.

We’re on call 24-7/365 and use state of the art water detection, extraction and drying equipment and take steps to disinfect areas impacted by water to ensure your property is dried, cleaned, disinfected and restored effectively and quickly.

We have all necessary licenses and insurance to successfully mitigate your water disaster.

Because It Matters to You, It Matters to Us

When it comes to water damage, we understand a lot is at stake. From the physical integrity of your property and personal belongings to the health and vitality of the people working or living in your home or office, we take the opportunity to serve you seriously.

As long as water sits unmitigated, it continuously pulls and seeps into places not originally impacted by the flood. The longer sitting water isn’t properly addressed, the more your property will become saturated with humidity as well.

Undetected water and excessive humidity will allow moisture to travel into the dry areas of your property, causing additional and preventable damage; including secondary water and moisture damage to your personal items like furniture, books, pictures and art.

We use state of the art equipment to detect unseen water and take steps to protect all of your at-risk personal items in order to prevent secondary damage.

We prioritize protocols to ensure the safety of you, your family or coworkers and our technicians while we work on your property.

Because it matters to you, it matters to us.


We offer free water and sewage damage inspections 24-7/365 days of the year.

We respond quickly with water detection and extraction tools to determine, and implement, the best strategy to remove all the water, thoroughly dry, clean and sanitize your property as quickly as possible to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

We’re Here for You

The mitigation of your flood is actively monitored and managed by a highly experienced Project Manager and your service is provided by trained and certified Water Mitigation Technicians.

Our Project Managers and Water Mitigation Technicians engage in an ongoing professional development training program that includes participation in industry leading water mitigation training and certification courses.

If your property has been impacted by water, call in the Pros. Call All Pro Services. We’re here for you.

Our 10 Step Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Process

If you aren’t able to, we make sure the source of water causing your flood is eliminated. If necessary, we call a certified professional plumber to assist.

Moisture detection equipment is used to determine where the unseen water went and what was damaged as a result. If the unseen water isn’t discovered and effectively managed, mold can begin to grow within 48 hrs.

Relative humidity and moisture levels in your home or office are documented. Digital pictures are taken to document the affected areas, structural damage and any damaged contents.

We take steps to prevent both cross contamination throughout your property and secondary water damage to your personal items.

From laying down protective sheets of plastic, covering items with plastic to moving items out of at-risk areas, we do what it takes to protect your home and personal items from further damage.

Our technicians take the time to extract as much water as possible on their first visit. We use high pressure, professional grade, truck mounted extraction equipment to remove and capture the water.

It’s simple; the sooner, and more, water we extract the faster your property will dry and the less damage it’ll experience throughout your water mitigation and cleanup process.

Carpets and pads can hold an extreme amount of water, keeping the relative humidity high in the environment and extending the drying period and delaying the time it takes to get your property into its restoration phase.

If necessary, we’ll take the time to remove and dispose of non-salvageable wet carpets and pads.

Regardless of the condition of the water causing your flood, you’ll need to have the entire affected area professionally cleaned, sanitized and treated to prevent any potential microbial growth and deodorized as quickly as possible.

From fresh water sources to sewage, our technicians are trained and equipped to extract and clean all categories of floods.

Inspections are conducted as often as necessary throughout the process to ensure your property dries as quickly as possible, further ensuring there are no hidden pockets of water causing additional damage.

If necessary, we’ll create containment chambers to stabilize the moisture in your environment, speed up your drying time and prevent additional secondary damage to your personal items.

From several different types of industrial air movers to floor suction matts (hardwood floors) to devices that use heat to speed up the drying process, we have the equipment necessary to accelerate and maximize your drying time.

If it’s damaged, it’s removed. Regardless of what it is, all damaged materials are professionally removed and properly disposed of.

We specialize in restoring properties back to their original condition. Our restoration team takes pride in making it look like the disaster never happened.

Mold Detection & Remediation Service

It never hurts to get your home tested for mold after you experience water damage.

Mold is potentially dangerous to our health and can create an extensive amount of damage to a property if not discovered and professionally mitigated the moment it begins to colonize.

We work with an independent third-party laboratory to determine if mold is present in your environment and if mold mitigation is necessary.

Flexible Payment Options

We work with all insurance companies, offer payment plan options, and monthly payments are also available through our partner, Hearth.

Discover your rate with our 60-second pre-qualification process.